Today we're going to be comparing three bedliner options.
The first option is no bedliner. The second option is the drop in bedliner.
The third and most expensive option is the spray in bedliner. So we're going to kind of go through the pros and cons of each a bonus.

We're going to have in this video is trying to put my original bedliner back in after I get it. Bed lined with ArmorThane gone alright, so the first and most obvious option is no bedliner. So what are the pros of it?
 It actually looks pretty good until you use it once you start using. It gets dirty very quickly, but it is pretty easy to clean. So if you're going to a lot of car shows or truck meets, I guess if your local Walmart, this might be the option for you also weight saving, but the negatives are.
Obviously, if you are actually going to use your truck bed for hauling anything, you don't want to go this route you're going to start that dense. I have some small dents in here. That'S even with having that bedliner in for the majority of the length of the truck. If you're going to use your bed for any real work, you need to have some bed liner, so that moves us to option number two and that's the drop in bed liner. I have mine sitting over here on the side. We remove that. So you guys can see under there drop in bed liner. So what are the pros to this? Well, it's cheap. It'S usually two or three hundred bucks, depending on the quality, I'm sure there are more expensive ones, but that's usually what they range about. It fits in easy if you do want to take it out. It comes up fairly easy, and it doesn't have the rough texture that the spray in bed liners have. If you get the grit in there, so you can slide things in and out on it, but the negatives are the fact that it is just a drop-in. So you do end up getting a rub on your bed that wears down the paint causing it to rust. The left, fender well, is rusted. Those rusted through I had to sand that down far and then spray that, over with a primer and paint. So that's the biggest concern with the dropping bed liner, because the rubbing also it allows stuff underneath of it, because it's not attached to your vehicle, so you're going to be grit and water under there. That'S going to cause more abrasion to the surface. So while it will protect your bed for dents and you, if you're putting dirt and stuff in here, there is a possibility of rubbing all right guys. So your third option, and by far your most expensive but some might argue, the best protection - is nice. The spray in bedliner this is the option I'm going to be going with. After taking out my original bedliner, I saw the roving there and decided I wanted to do something else in my bed, which leads me to the first Proof the spray in bedliner. Is that it conforms to the bed of your truck. It becomes the bed, so that gives you access to all of your eye hook: locations, whereas my stock drop in bedliner blocked a lot of those, and I would have had to drill holes in it to access those also, it will prevent that rubbing problem I was Having with the drop in bedliner, the last Pro is that you can get a color match to cables, so that's something you want to do and you kind of the shirt or whatever you can get a color match to whatever your vehicle is because of this.
Our number one cost and by far the most expensive option, if you go with the lowest grade bed liners, you can get it for about 450 500 bucks. If you go for the higher end with UV protection and color matching, you can get help words of a thousand twelve dollars, so that is something to keep in mind with this is your cheapest option. Another thing to be aware of is that this is a permanent solution. Once this is in there, it's not coming out easily they're going to have to appraise your paint with sandpaper so that the bedliner probably adheres to your bed. So you want to make sure you go to a rough. You look reputable installer bed liners so that it's done properly, so those are a three big bed. Liner options, so rhino liner and line X are the two big competing ones. I decided to go with line X because there is a dealer nearby that is reputable will give you guys a review of that one's done, but we're going to see if we can get my stock bedliner back in there after its going to bed line, just it Own it up who doesn't want to know ever almost though - and I want this out of my yard, so I've got my bed liner sprayed with line X, one of the big things you want to keep in mind with this. You want to find a reputable installer. They don't prep your bed right, it's going to start to peel over time, so I made sure I found one that good reviews. I went to Bridgeport New Jersey, New Jersey, line-x, definitely recommend them. They did a great job, great customer service as well everything's covered fully. There are no gaps, and there's not going to be any rubbing like you have with the drop in bedliner all right. So for the final thing, we want to show you guys is. I want to see if my bedliner sit on top of this because then you're getting the best of both worlds, you're getting the added protection of the bedliner on top of the spray in bedliner Clift, the musical. So we got it in it is it? You can see still matching all the grooves here pretty much along the edge it fits in there. So you know it's not quite as pretty as the bedliner. The spray in bedliner looks a little better, but you know I'm going to be using this truck a lot, and this is added protection, so since it fits in there, we kind of be dumb not to use it soon. As I have it, if you guys enjoyed this video like and subscribe, see you later married, no cue the phone ringing. Okay,

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